This Creepy Indiana Road Has A Frightening Paranormal History Behind It

The Most Haunted Road In Indiana

Griffith, Indiana’s Reeder Road is one of those roads that people will always talk about. There have been so many stories that stem out of this place that it’s hard to decipher what could be real from what isn’t.  Stories stretch back as far as 100 years or more according to some, but what many can agree on is that there is something out there. Check out the video we found and let us know your thoughts. 

Video Source – Dirtyfox productions 

Indiana’s Paranormal Hotspot

The road was created around the early 1900’s but it saw little use and throughout the decades it became lonely and isolated.  During the mid-70’s it was called “heroin alley”, it was the place where people would go to do drugs, buy drugs, or get robbed. Who would think a road out in the middle of nowhere would be this dangerous, but it is was.
There are numerous stories of phantom cars and phantom passengers that will ask you for a ride only to vanish into thin air. Some stories are far scarier than others, but what most people can agree on is that the area has a super creepy vibe behind it
It’s not the type of place that you would want to get stranded at. Make sure if you do go on this road that you have a lot of gas. And make sure you to with someone, you have been warned

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