There’s A Horrifying Legend Behind This Haunted Alabama Road

Ghost Town Road Alabama

Every town has a haunted location everyone tends to stay away from. Alabama’s Ghost Town Road is one of those areas, and it’s surrounded in myth, legend, and lore. Those who have gone on a paranormal adventure on the haunted road have had mixed reviews. On one side of the spectrum you have those who have witnessed creepy things, then you have the other side which haven’t. The one thing about this place is unlike other roads, actual murders happened here during the 60s.

The bodies were found along the roadway, the area is also a hotspot for cults of all kinds. It’s not the kind of place you would want to take a paranormal adventure at. There were a rash a church fires that were also to been have started by satanic cult members. Many say a lot of the paranormal activity that is happening in the area is because of all the negative activity.

Paranormal Adventure Or Dangerous Location?

The thing about haunted locations like Ghost Town Road is the fact that they possibly could be dangerous. There were murders that happened on that road, along with cult activity. This is not the kind of place you would want to go alone on a paranormal adventure. As far as ghosts and entities in the area. There are numerous stories of spectral entitles moving around the road. One is that a headless man that slowly moves from one side of the road to the other. There are also reports of hooded figures moving around the woods, could those be the cult members?

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Ghost Town Road Alabama

Source – Faith Serafin