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Ghost Town Road Alabama

Every town has some kind of haunted place. Some type of location where everyone either stays away from, but ends up at on a Saturday night. Sometimes these places have a creepy backstory that is surrounded in mystery and lore. Other times these places are nothing more than a made up story. 

Today we look at one of these locations where some say there is some creepy stuff going on, while others say the opposite. The town of Salem, Alabama has been haunted by the activity on “Ghost Town Road”. Unlike many other supposedly haunted roads, there were actual murders that happened in 60’s along that road.

The bodies were found along the roadway and some say that they were the victims of a satanic cult that supposedly was in the area during that time period.whether it’s an old house,school, building, or some sort or a road. There’s always that one location.

There was also a rash of church fires along the roadway that were attributed to the satanic cult as well. Some of the ghosts that have been seen near the road are that of a headless man, a teenage girl, and sinister looking hooded figures. There have also been numerous other reports of strange looking beings walking around.

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Ghost Town Road Alabama

Source – Faith Serafin 

4 thoughts on “There’s A Horrifying Legend Behind This Haunted Alabama Road”
  1. I live in Smiths Station which is right by Salem. I have been to Ghost Town road many times. We used to go mud ridding there. I have NEVER seen any of these things. many friends have went and never seen anything either. Urban legends people. 

  2. I live on ghost town road and know one of the murderers personally through my sister. My family has been there for years and I can assure you it's not urban legends. You'll never see the cult because they never do their thing in the same place on the road or in plain sight. They aren't stupid. You want to find them? You'll have to go in the woods in the pitch black darkness and try to navigate.

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