The Doll That Wanted To Kill Me – Harold The Doll

The Doll That Wanted To Kill Me – Harold The Doll 

The Most Haunted Doll On The Planet

Most of you have heard of dolls like Annabelle the doll from The Conjuring, or  Robert The Doll, but what about Harold The Doll?  Some say that Harold the Doll is the most haunted doll on the planet, but that’s debatable. If you’ve seen or heard anything about Annabelle or Robert The Doll, they’re the kind of dolls you don’t want to give to your children for their birthday. Some say dolls are a kind of vessel for the otherworldy, a way for spirits and other entities to communicate or stay in. 

Unlike the other dolls, Harold is on a different kind of level when it comes to the creepiness. The owner of the doll honestly feels like the doll is going to kill him. Imagine having a doll that you felt like you didn’t have any power over. Almost like the doll controlled your every move, what would you do? Honestly, if a doll DID take over everything, what could you do?

The Doll That Wanted To Kill Me – Harold The Doll 

SOURCE –  Anthony Quinata 

I don’t know about you all, but I don’t think I would keep holding on to this doll for very long. The problem is could the doll be able to put some kind of curse or something once you got rid of it? Who knows, and I’m glad I’m not the one that has to find out. How about you all? Would you keep a doll-like that just to see if it’s real? 

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