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Charlie | A Short Horror Story

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Charlie – A Good Horror Movie! 

Lately it seems like there’s been a lack of good horror movies in the theaters these days, with the exception of Sinister 2 which we thought was pretty good and that was forever ago. Most of the new scary movies are rather junk these days that come out in theaters, and a majority of them should go straight to dvd. 

So who really wants to spend 10 dollars or more on a hit or miss movie, why not watch a short scary story or a short but good horror movie online? There are plenty of short ones that get straight to the point, they freak you out and leave you wanting more! 

So today we’ll be showcasing the short scary video story by the name of Charlie. We really didn’t know what to except out of this one when we first came up upon it. All we knew was that it was a short horror story by the name of Charlie, and boy did it surprise us! 

Get ready for a good short horror movie



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