Strange And Creepy The Paranormal Looking For The Most Haunted Place In Iowa? This Is it!

Looking For The Most Haunted Place In Iowa? This Is it!

Looking For The Most Haunted Place In Iowa? This Is it! post thumbnail image

Edinburgh Manor | Iowa’s Most Haunted 

Edinburgh Manor is known as one of Iowa’s most haunted locations. It housed the poor, the mentally ill, and the disabled. The location functioned for the better part of 100 years. It has over 150 documented deaths. However, some think those numbers are low and that there were many more. Could the dead still be wandering the halls of the home? Could they still be looking for a way out or even know they’ve passed on? Check out the video we found below by Hunters Of The Unknown.

Edinburgh Manor | Iowa’s Most Haunted

SOURCE – Hunters Of The Unknown 

Iowa’s Most Haunted Location

There are numerous pieces of evidence that paranormal investigators have collected proving the location is haunted. On certain occasions they’ve even managed to capture somethings moving, and partial appartions in hallways. There’s a lot of sounds that no one can explain, sounds humans would make. Could the location have some type of magnetic field that is causing the eruption in the paranormal activity? Some say higher energy fields will give the spriits energy and in some cases it makes people think they are seeing ghosts. What are your thoughts on this?

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