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Glore Psychiatric Museum/ Glore  Lunatic Asylum 

The Glore  Lunatic Asylum  

Saint Louis, Missouris Glore Asylum started off with the best intentions. It was a place where people could find some kind of help when all seemed hopeless. However, good intentions sometimes go bad, and in this case, it went beyond bad.
Glore opened up in 1875 with around 25 patients. The head doctor at the time was Dr. George C Catlett. Throughout the years the number of patients kept growing, eventually it was overpopulated. They started taking everyone and anyone who had some kind of condition. They even took people who had no where else to go, even people with mild mental disabilities.

The Torture Chamber

Glore eventually became a horrible place filled with torture and even murder. Most if not all of the patients were seen as expendable. The doctors started using insane barbaric procedures on the patients. They claimed they were testing out ways to help “treat” people with certain illnesses. In reality, they were just torturing people.

The location eventually was shut down and turned into the Glore Psychiatric Museum. It’s known for being one of the strangest museums in the world. It’s no wonder the place is so haunted with the screams of the past. >>

Check out this video of the Museum that they have and some of the exhibits! 

Would you like to stay in Glore Psychiatric Museum  place overnight?

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