Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained The BBC Horror Film So Scary It Was Banned By a Country

The BBC Horror Film So Scary It Was Banned By a Country

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The Horror Film So Scary It Was Banned

It’s not every day we hear about a horror film so scary it was banned by a country. But in the early ’90s, the BBC launched a horror ghost show by the name of “Ghostwatch” that caused a ton of problems and even death. It was so bad that England banned the entire show. The show was a Paranormal Activity type of show in where a film crew went into a fictional home in order to capture the paranormal phenomenon on video.

The problem started when viewers started calling in complaining about the programming. Supposedly it caused 3 births and a whole bunch of other problems. In some cases, there were people that said they were possessed by the show. Could the show have been that crazy, or could it have been something so far outside of the normal that it shocked them?

Check out this video post we found by Buzzfeed Unsolved Network and let us know your htoughts.

Video source – Buzzfeed Unsolved Network

Haunted Footage Or Paranoia?

If you’ve seen the show you’ll see that the acting was subpar, and the effects were so so. This had to be a case of something shocking people in a way that they’ve never been shocked before. It could also be something triggering deep fears in some kind of way.

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