Strange And Creepy Lost and Forgotten Gonjiam Haunted Asylum -Some Places Are Better Left Alone

Gonjiam Haunted Asylum -Some Places Are Better Left Alone

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Gonjiam Haunted Asylum -Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

South Korea’s Gonjiam haunted asylum has been called one of the scariest places on the planet. The infamous haunted asylum has been featured in numerous haunted television shows and movies. But how close is the movie to the real-life story you may be asking? It’s made up, but true stories of the haunted nature of the asylum are said to be terrifying.

What is known is that the facility shut down under some rather mysterious circumstances. There are rumors that it was due to lack of water and heavy sewage problems. Others say it was because of corruption behind the funding, but that wouldn’t explain the sudden shutdown.

Gonjiam Haunted Asylum True Story

The dark history behind Gonjiams haunted asylum is said to be beyond disturbing. Numerous people died within the compounds and some under mysterious circumstances. It was its own functioning facility, with its own water and sewage systems. So basically what went on behind those doors was only known to a few people.

Mental Health Center or something else?

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