A Look At The Halloween Capital Of The World And It’s Not Where You Think It Is

The Halloween Capital Of The World

Out of all the places on this planet, who would have thought Anoka, Minnesota would be labeled as the “Halloween capital of the world.” The reason the town likes to boast this title is because it’s one of the first places to ever have a Halloween parade. The first Halloween parade in Anoka happened in 1920 and has been going on ever since then. The interesting thing is that it all started because of some pranks. In order to curb pranking, the residents of Anoka figured they had to do something. So, their answer to the problem was to create a Halloween parade so the kids would stop the pranks. Who would have thought something like that would turn into what it is today.

When Did Anoka Become The Halloween Capital?

By the early 1930s, the festival had expanded to over 2,000 kids in costumes and over 20,000 spectators. In 1937 a 12-year-old boy by the name of Harold Blair wore a sweater with the Halloween capital insignia. He carried it with him to Washington D.C., after that it was known as the Halloween capital of the world. 100 years later the festivities are still going on stronger than ever. They have a ton of events besides the parade, so if you’re ever wanting to go somewhere for Halloween, Anoka, Minnesota is the place to go!

Want to know more about the town and the festivities? Check out their website here > Anoka Halloween

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Video Source – MattsRadShow

Video Source – KARE 11

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