Looking For The Best Towns To Visit During Halloween? These Are It!

The Best Towns To Visit During Halloween

So it’s time to start thinking about where and what you want to do for Halloween this year. If you’re looking to take a trip somewhere fun and need some ideas on where to go, look no further. Today we are going to take you on a trip to towns where the Halloween season is amazing. When you think of Halloween trips and towns, we think of towns like Salem, Massachusetts or Sleepy Hollow, New York. But what about the other towns and cities that people don’t know about. There are various places throughout the United States that have amazing Halloween celebrations.

One of those towns you may not know about is Anoka, Minnesota. The town is known for being the self-proclaimed Halloween capital of the world. That’s a bold claim to make, but if you’ve ever visited Anoka during Halloween, you might change agree. They have a huge festival and various other activities that will make you feel like you’re in a dream.

Another location to think about visiting is St. Helens, Oregon. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Halloweentown,” this is where the movie was filmed at. The town still looks like a prop from the movie, and during Halloween, it’s like you’re in the movie.

Check out the videos and let us know your thoughts. Do you know of a town that wasn’t mentioned in the videos or up above that should be on the list?

Video Source – Country Living

Video Source – Guided By Veggies

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