A Creepy Inside Look At The Hanover, Pennsylvania Demon House

The Hanover Pennsylvania Demon House 

How do entities become so powerful that they can do things that are only seen in movies? But an even more interesting question is why hasn’t anyone been able to get proof of such instances on video?

Some say that that these entities are far more intelligent than we are and that our tech isn’t as advanced as we like to THINK it is. These forces are beyond our comprehension and work on a void that we will never be able to fully understand. 

Now the real question is this, would you stay in a house that you experienced some very odd and scary things in? I don’t think I would but some people don’t have much of an option, but what can they do?

Some people simply don’t believe in the paranormal and don’t think that the things that are happening to them are actually paranormal in nature. But then there are others who are turned into believers when something crazy that they can’t explain or shake off happens to them.

Check out this video we found of a paranormal group that investigates a home with a dark history and past. The home is one of those places you really wouldn’t want to stay in alone at night or any other time of the day for that fact. 

Have you ever had a crazy experience in a home?

The Hanover Pennsylvania Demon House

Source –Scream Paranormal 

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