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Monte Cristo Homestead

 New South Wales, Australia

Some places seem to have a curse hanging over them, or could it be random coincidences? Could it all be in the mind, or could it be the bad blood that was left on the land?

Who knows….

What is know is that Monte Cristo Homestead saw a lot of tragedy during its time. A baby was dropped down some stairs, a maid fell off a balcony, and a boy was burned to death.

There’s also a very disturbing story about a mentally ill man by the name of Harold. The poor soul was chained up on the property for over 40 YEARS! The poor guy was found curled up in a ball next to his dead mother. Harold was sent to a mental institute where he died there soon after.

That’s just some of the documented things that went on in this place. Some say there were countless tragedies that weren’t documented, but who knows. What is know is that the tragedies seemed to open a portal. Or maybe the portal was already there, and it was the reason for the tragedies?

If you’re ever in Australia and want to check out the most haunted spot in the outback, check out Monte Cristo Homestead.

Check out these videos on Monte Cristo Homestead  by Samantha Waters and Kerrie Wearing

Video Source – Samantha Waters

Video Source – Kerrie Wearing

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