Strange And Creepy The Paranormal Do You Have To Disclose If Your House Is Haunted When Selling It?

Do You Have To Disclose If Your House Is Haunted When Selling It?

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Selling A Haunted House 

Picture this, you find an amazing place and it looks great, the area is nice, the schools are good, but something feels off about it but you just can’t put your finger on it. Could it be that the house is haunted, or it could be that there’s something paranormal in nature going on within the house? Now the problem is that we can’t just go into a house and say something like “Oh hun, we can’t buy this house, my haunted house odometer says it’s too haunted.”

We all probably WISH we had some kind of meter like that, but this is reality and it’s not a Ghost busters movie. So in real life ghosts usually don’t show up right when you walk into a house. It usually takes some kind of time or renovating, or maybe some kind of energy has to be awakened or provoked before that actual activity starts. By that time your money is gone and you can’t get a refund for the house you just bought. 

So what do you do?

You can start by asking questions, but is the owner and realtor legally responsible for disclosing that kind of information? Well what we found is that it varies from state to state, but most states have pretty clear laws about this kind of stuff, so if you’re worried that you MAY be potentially walking into a scene from a scary movie, do your homework first! 

Check out this short disclosure video 

Video Source – Adam Helton

Video Source – FOX 9 News | KMSP-TV Minneapolis-St. Paul

Would You Buy A Haunted House?

Every now and then we run into someone that wants to own a haunted house. Would you ever willingly buy a haunted house? What if you bought a home and it ended up haunted, would you want to move or get rid of the ghosts inside of the home? These are all questions you would have to sit and think about. Not all ghosts are the same, sometimes it’s an evil entity pretending to be a ghost. Other times you have powerful poltergeists that can do some serious damage to you and your house. Let us know what you would do, of if you’ve ever owned or rented a haunted house.

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