Possession Of This Ancient Statue Means You’re Destined For Bad Luck

The Curse Of The Women From Lemb Statue 

Most who have come across this mysterious statue known as  ” The Goddess Of Death” Don’t live very long to talk about it. The strange statue was unearthed in Lemb, Cyprus in 1878. It was originally thought to be a fertility goddess of some kind, and it dates back to 3500 B.C. 

Upon originally finding it was praised as a great discovery, but as time went on they realized why this thing was tossed aside a very long time ago. It was the kind of thing that no one would want. The family who initially owned the stated died within 6 years of having the statue in their possession. Now I can understand one or 2 deaths, but the entire family?

Eventually another wealthy family came across the statue and it became part of their collection. The same thing happened, but it didn’t stop there. Once again it fell in the hands of 2 more families and you guessed it, both families ended up passing away shortly after.


The Most Cursed Object In History?

Could it be that the cursed women from lemb statue is made of something that is toxic to humans? It could be but that doesn’t explain the deaths of family members that aren’t even around the statue at all. Could it be some type of power that resides within the statue, maybe because it wasn’t supposed to be moved from where it was originally found at?


Maybe it was meant for the goddess as a gift or an offering and the goddess or whatever power didn’t want it moved and cursed anyone that had the object in their possession. This isn’t the only object of it’s kind, there are others from Egypt that are said to be cursed, well maybe next time they find something like this they won’t touch it! 

What do you think?


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