This Massive Castle Was Built In Order From Keeping Something From Getting Out

The Most Haunted Place In The World 

The  Czech Republic’s Houska castle is said to be  one of the strangest places on the planet. Most castles have a some kind of valid purpose behind them and are built in the best interest of the people around them. But the reason behind this castle being built was rather odd one, supposedly the hole the castle was built around is said to be  bottomless and a gateway to hell, yes a gateway to hell. 

That’s not even the strangest part….. 

There were stories of creatures that were half man and half animal and other winged demon type creatures flying out in and out of the hole. So in order to stop these creatures and other evil things from coming out of the giant hole, a castle was built around it. Houska was built in the late 13th and has remained the same way ever since.  

Could it just be imaginations running wild? 

Who knows…. 

There have been numerous creepy stories that have been told throughout the centuries about Houska. Some have said it was a gateway to hell but others aren’t so sure and think that it could be some kind of warp or hole to another reality, whatever the case Houska is one creepy place! 

Check out the videos by Estoreric Detective 

What are YOUR thoughts on this place?

Do you think there could be something sinister hiding in that hole?

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      1. Because they don't know how deep it actually is.  Drones have a range, and if it goes outside the range you wouldn't get it back and probably won't see what is down there. They could still lower a camera with a light into the hole though.

  1. Today there is the technology to see what's down there, with drones or cameras so there is no excuse for not knowing, other than to keep the mystery going. As for someone's hair turning instantly white, only the roots would so this is most likely bunkum

  2. Drones dont work due to magnetic interference.. and as for the hair.. they have documented reports all around the world.. most recently in latin america of people coming to close to demonic spirits while unprepared and aging.. There hair turning white almost instantly.. its an extreme fear response.. do your research before talking trash..

  3. Hi, I visited that location several times, because there are often organising contemporary faires, excursions and medieval swordplays. I was everytime surprised how small that castle is – and so many ruckuss about it 😀 Even castellan admitted that castle is strange. Built by Přemysl Otakar II, situated on absolutely out of place location, with inverted defenses!!! like a prison of some kind. Castle is maybe 3 stores high, but those are inaccessible because of absence of any stairs. Except of this, castle is very nice, I think it is built in a Renaissance style, maybe with Gothic features (Im estimating:D). And that your hole? According to commentaries on excursion tours, under the central chapel there is sealed shaft that allegedly leads"Peklo" – it should be describes as some hidden world inside earth, maybe metahpor to underworld in other cultures? On chapel floor, right under where entrance should supotedly be, there is depicted some strange relief with "demon holding some bow" – that is how it looked for me. Chapel had btw very strange atmosphere… never felt like that before, such unexplainable gloomy anxiety. Sadly, not any paranormal experience other that bad feeling 😀 – but yep, im sceptical from nature, but even thought – castle alone is pretty weirdly constructed and should be a world singleton if it was on me. *Another interresting fact is (from tour commentaries) that from outside there is one window more than from inside, but that can be easily explained by one undiscovere room, because in these castles, unused rooms were often "bricked in" as I saw in several castles in Slovakia/Czech republic.

    Sorry for my crude english, I hope my reply interrested some of you :o)

  4. I like watching videos about things like this. Like that u can learn about places u never knew about. But when the speaker says um… um… and um… um.. every 5 to 6 second all I can do is count. Can not focus on what they r saying!!! Aggravating. 41 or 42 um's….

  5. no running water, no kitchen, faux windows with walls behind them, reversed fortifications, good grief! What a place!

    1. I would love the opportunity to explore this place! The fact that no one has explored the hole on is odd to me.

      1. Well, as I understand it, there isn’t literally a hole that you can still access. The builders of the castle put the chapel literally over the hole, like there is a floor in the chapel, and underneath that is the hole (usually described more like a crevasse). You would need to remove the flooring/foundation of the chapel in order to see this hole. The current owners will not allow this, ostensibly because they are afraid of unexplored ordnance (the Nazis did landmine the grounds).

        The hole in a wall that kind of looks like a doorway that you see in some photos isn’t THE HOLE the stories are referring to.

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