Some Say They Still Hear Screams Coming From The Walls Of This Former Prison

Mansfield Reformatory

The Most Haunted Place In America 

Mansfield Prison sits in the small town of Mansfield, Ohio and originally opened its doors as a school for boys, but was eventually turned into a Prison. Now some say that’s it’s one of the most haunted places in the country and others say that it could be the most paranormal active location on the planet. Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators from all parts of the world come here to do paranormal investigations

The reason that this place is so haunted is because of it’s dark and cruel history. Some say the ghosts here are still mad for the way that their lives ended and how they were treated in this place. People just didn’t die in here, they were treated horribly and beaten over and over until they died. Some people suffered agonizing deaths and others were beaten by their fellow inmates. Some say that this place could be another gate to hell because of all the evil and insane acts that went on within its walls. 

Even when it was transformed into a prison in the early 70’s people in the prison complained of seeing and being bothered by ghosts of all kinds. Some of the prisoners said that they were being beaten by things that they couldn’t see, it even drove some of them mad. 

Eventually the prison was decommissioned and now sits as a shell of its former self, a vile reminder of the evil things that men do to one another. The ghosts in this place are in the Hundreds some say, but others say that no one is actually really sure, the one thing that IS for sure is that this place is one of the most haunted places in the USA. 

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