Strange And Creepy The Paranormal A Look At The Most Haunted Ship In The World – The Queen Mary

A Look At The Most Haunted Ship In The World – The Queen Mary

A Look At The Most Haunted Ship In The World – The Queen Mary post thumbnail image

 The Most Haunted Ship In The World

The most haunted ship in the world The RMS Queen Mary is a colossal ship. It’s actually bigger, faster, and even more powerful than the Titanic ever was. This monster ship was constructed in 1930 in Scotland. However, it wasn’t completed until somewhere around 1935. The ship started out as a luxury cruise liner for the rich and powerful. When war broke out it was transformed into a military ship that would carry soldiers to war and back. It also served as a floating hospital. A lot of young lives were lost on that ship, and many say they haven’t left. Could it just be the energy left behind from the war? Or could there be an intelligent presence within the decks of the RMS Queen Mary?

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The Haunted Ship

After the war, the ship was transformed back into a cruise liner. Its end eventually and the Queen Mary was sold to the city of Long Beach, California. The ship now sits in its harbor as a testament to a long maritime history. There are a lot of rumors and some actual video evidence of the paranormal activity going on within the ship. Now it has been dubbed the most haunted ship in the world.


It’s said there are around 150 different known ghosts that have made their presence known to someone. There have been a lot of paranormal investigations that have taken place on the haunted Queen Mary. It’s said to be one of the most haunted ships in the world. Imagine being able to stay the night alone on the ship. Imagine the number of stories and evidence you would be able to catch. If you had the chance to stay somewhere that was as haunted as the Queen Mary, would you?

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The Ghosts Of The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is known as one of the most haunted ships on the planet. Many who have had experiences say they’ve seen soldiers walking its deck. Others have seen phantom passengers walking around the ship. Some have heard disembodied voices coming from empty rooms. The pool area is on a whole other level when it comes to real ghosts.

 The ship is known for having at LEAST 150 known spirits lurking its decks. There’s been at least 49 reported deaths on the ship alone. That doesn’t even figure in the dead that were brought back from the war. So we come back to the question we asked earlier, do you think it’s residual haunting or something else? Could the decks of the ship serve as a floating portal of some kind? An opening for those on the other side to come across and make their presence known? We know next to nothing about the other side except that we will all eventually find out. Let us know what you think.

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