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The Jersey Devil

Stories of the JERSEY DEVIL have been around since as early as 1735. The Jersey Devil is said to be  hideous creature with bat like wings and the head and body. Stories say it’s similar looking to a Kangaroo, but with some horrifying features. The worst part of this monster isn’t its appearance, it’s the creatures screams. Many say that its scream is the kind that will get stuck in your head and one that you won’t ever forget.

Word has it that it all started because a woman had a child with the devil. When the child was born it resembled a horrifying creature with horns. Could the stories of a horrifying creature be true?

There are those who say they have SOLID proof that the creature exists. However, there are those who has said they have proof only to produce a blurry picture or video. Like other stories of creatures, it’s hard to say if this creature is real or not. Until someone comes up with some solid proof it will remain a legend and tale.

Will that ever happen though? Who knows…. 

So what do you think this thing is? Some people think it’s a crane, but that’s debatable. It could possibly be a creature that no one knows about, or it could be something else.

It’s hard to believe this creature is real, then again there have been over a 1000 witness accounts. If you’ve ever been to this part of Jersey you know that it’s pretty isolated and untouched. The areas that are touched are huge areas of farm land that stretch for miles on end… 

Check out this video from the show Paranormal State as they investigated the Jersey Devil 


Would you want to see the Jersey Devil?

Do you believe it’s real?


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