A Creepy Inside Look At The Stories Behind The New Jersey Devil

The New Jersey Devil

Stories of the New Jersey Devil the hideous creature with bat-like wings have been told since as early as 1735. It’s said to have a big bat like head and wings, but also features similar to a Kangaroo. Some witnesses have said that it has glowing red eyes. Others say it’s not the sight that’s the scariest part, its the horrifying howl it lets out. A scream so loud and terrifying that you feel it deep within your body. 

Source – How Stuff Works  


The Origin Of The Devil

Legend has it the New Jersey Devil was born like any other child. However, when the creature came out, they realized it was something else. Supposedly it’s the spawn of Satan. There’s a whole back story to how this could have come to be. But there’s no real proof of anything at all, except some stories. 

We’ve ALL seen the real proof of it are videos at one point in time or another. Most of the time it’s some super grainy video we have to squint to see anything. Then it’s still not enough evidence to say it’s the devil when the footage is always terrible. There have even been television shows that have tried to prove the existence of the New Jersey Devil. Most of the time we end up not seeing anything at all. Just a bunch of people screaming and saying “did you hear that?”. 

Video Source – Crypticc


Would you want to see the Jersey Devil?

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