As Much As $100,000 Dollars Was Offered For Capturing This New Jersey Cryptid

The New Jersey Devil

There’s an area in New Jersey by the name of the Pinelands that’s home to the infamous New Jersey Devil. It’s the creature with a horse face and a kangaroo like body. It has bat wings, horns, and a tail. For over 250 years, the New Jersey Devil has been seen throughout the southern part of the state. Every now and then, the Jersey Devil will make it’s presence known throughout populated areas.

The Origin Of The New Jersey Devil

The creature is so popular that in 1938 it was designated the country’s only state demon. There are various stories of how the creature came to be. The most accepted one is that of a resident of Estellville by the name of Mrs. Leeds. She was expecting her 13th child and she cried out “Let it be the devil!” Apparently her cries were heard and her wish was granted. Eventually she gave birth to a hideous creature that supposedly let out a scream and flew out of the window.

Since then, there have been countless incidents of encounters with the creature. The creature has been known to kill animals, invade crops, and sometimes attacks people. There have been numerous attempts to capture the devil but known have managed to do so. Some have said to have proof of the Jersey Devil, however these videos are questionable. However, stories of the creature still continue to make there way around. 

Source – How Stuff Works  

Proof Of The Jersey Devil 

Although real proof of the creature doesn’t exists, there are a lot of reports from very reputable people who have had their own encounters. No one really knows what the creature can do or how smart it really is. I don’t think anyone will ever be able to capture the creature in this lifetime or any other. Could there be a possibility the creature can shift from our dimension to another, and that’s why we can’t find or capture it? Could there be an explanation for the sightings, but that wouldn’t explain 250 years worth of them. 

Even during recent times, people traveling on the Garden State Parkway and the Atlantic City Expressway have reported having some rather odd encounters. Some have sworn to have seen the creature wandering near the road. Could the creature be immortal or could it have found a way to reproduce? I think the more we look into things, the more questions we end up having. It’s one of those instances where you have to have an experience yourself to truly pick one side or another. Check out another video we found an let us know your thoughts. 

Video Source – Crypticc

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