Take a 4k Walk-through One Of The Worlds Most Haunted Ships

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is said to be one of the world’s most haunted ships and for some very good reasons. The ship’s maiden voyage happened on May 27, 1936, from Southampton, England. The ship was state of the art at the time and set a new benchmark in transatlantic travel. The Queen Mary was in commission until 1967 and became an even more popular location while docked in Southern California where it currently resides.

So why is it so haunted?

During WWII the luxury ship was transformed into a passenger ship for soldiers. The ship was dubbed the “Grey Ghost” because it was so fast and the stark color. It carried as many as 16,000 troops during the war and it also served as an on-board hospital. A lot of lives were lost and many of them were lost while on the ship. Many who have seen ghosts while visiting on the ship say they’ve seen the ghosts of soldiers and sailors.

The ship was eventually retrofitted back to its original state and then docked in Southern California. It was then transformed into an event center, hotel, and had frequent tours. That’s when the paranormal activity started to increase 10 fold. During Halloween the ship also has a pretty creepy haunted house.  Check out the video post we found of the creepy walk through and let us know if you would be brave enough to walk through its corridors at night.

Check out this first video we found by Alex The Historian

Video Source – Alex The Historian

Want to watch another one? Check out this one by traveltouristvideos and let us know your thoughts

Video Source – traveltouristvideos

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  1. When i was young my parents aunt and uncle took me and my cousin to see the queen mary and at that time the spruce goose was also there in long beach this was i believe 1980 we all enter the queen mary our parents were reading the pictures and information on the walls and me and my cousin wandered up the hall to another hallway to find a bathroom we peeked through the slightly cracked doors to see a ball or galla people in gowns and tuxedos waiters with trays of food and flutes of champagne music it was eerily beautiful we watched then ran back to our parents and told them you guys have to come see this party happening they followed us back to the ballroom and it was completely empty we stayed by there side the rest of tour and to this day i get goosebumps when i think of it or here the name queen Mary just wanted to share my haunting experience aboard the queen mary

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