Strange And Creepy The Paranormal A Creepy Look At The Silent Film Many Say Is Haunted

A Creepy Look At The Silent Film Many Say Is Haunted

A Creepy Look At The Silent Film Many Say Is Haunted post thumbnail image

Return To Babylon The Silent Horror Film 

When it comes to haunted films, there isn’t a shortage of ones that are supposed to be haunted. Some are said to have curses behind them like the old horror movie Poltergeist. There are a handful of other movies that also share a similar story. From problems on the movie set to multiple deaths of actors and those involved with the film. Could movies be cursed or haunted? Could the problem stem from the locations some of these movies are being shot at? Or could the story somehow affect things and cause some very real-world problems?

The silent movie Return to Babylon breaks all movie film logic, the reason being is the distortion of faces within the film reel. The film was made in order to mimic the old silent movie style of filmmaking. It wasn’t noticed until they went back through the editing reel to see what REALLY was on the footage. They used the same type of process so they couldn’t find anything wrong until actually initially editing the footage in its entirety.

At first, they thought it was some sort of film phenomenon, but after a few well know edits researched the film, they were puzzled at what they found. Movie experts and even critics alike had no explanation for what went on in that film. They went to supposedly haunted locations and locations where these types of movies were actually first shot at. Even some of the actors complained about being touched or feeling like there was some malevolent presence around them. 

Check out this short video we found on Return To Babylon 

The Haunted Film

One popular theory behind the creepy images and distortions in the reel is that the area the movie was shot is the cause behind it all. Could the energy surrounding the location they filmed the initial movie be the reason it was so messed up? Some say residual energy tends to stay around and interact with other energies, so could it energies of the past be intertwined with the energy they were putting forth during the filming?

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