Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained This Is What It’s Like To Be In A Haunted Prison At 3AM!

This Is What It’s Like To Be In A Haunted Prison At 3AM!

This Is What It’s Like To Be In A Haunted Prison At 3AM! post thumbnail image

Eastern State Penitentiary

With its super steep, gloomy high stone walls, rusted corridors, and spooky cells that once kept some of the most hard-core criminals on the planet, Eastern State Penitentiary is terrifying sight to see. Its 149 year history is beyond messed up; it’s full of madness, disease, suicide, murder and even torture. It’s hard not to imagine this place not being haunted.

The infamous prison was known for its harsh punishments it had placed on its prisoners. There was the “mad chair” where prisoners were strapped so tight they would lose circulation, and so bad that they had to amputate limps on certain occasions. Then they had a water bath torture where they would leave prisoners in it until ice formed on their skin.


On top of that there was a shortage of food, clean water, and just about everything else. Some of the guards were more like torture specialist than guards themselves. There were some locations in the prison that people are STILL terrified of going into during our times.

The Most Haunted Prison In The USA

So there’s no question that this place is haunted and also has a dark presence residing within it. You have to think of the countless souls that still wander the halls. You also have to think about how bad some of these people once were. Mix that together with some evil entities and you have a cesspool of evil.

So what happens at night within the walls of Eastern State Penn? Check out the video post we found and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – MindSeedTV

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