Strange And Creepy Urban Legend Could The Father Of The Delta Blues Have Sold His Soul For Fame?

Could The Father Of The Delta Blues Have Sold His Soul For Fame?

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The Legend Of Robert Johnson 

He’s known as the father of the Delta Blues, Robert Johnson is said to be the greatest guitar player to have ever touched the guitar, that is after a strange encounter with the devil. The story goes that he met him in Mississippi on a dirt road, he asked the devil to give him fame and success in exchange he would have to sell his soul to the devil. Supposedly before he met the devil his skill was good but not where he wanted it to be. He wasn’t successful at all and was rather struggling to find gigs, that is until that fateful day. 

After the encounter he supposedly rose to fame and became super successful and admired by many. That was until the day of his death at the age of 27, it’s rather odd though that he died at the age of 27. There have been numerous other very talented musicians and singers who have also died at that same age. Some of them have said they did the same thing in exchange for fame and fortune, could the legend be true?

Check out the video and let us know what you think 

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Selling Your Soul For Fame

There are various stories of different musicians and actors supposedly selling their souls for fame. A lot of these people are said to have died by the age of 27. You have to think if something like this is actually real or not, could these people be meeting the devil somewhere? Let us know what you think and your thoughts in the comments below.

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