One Of California’s Paranormal Hotspots Isn’t Where You Would Expect

The ghost of peg entwistle

The Most Haunted Place In California 

Some might not know that one of the most haunted places in California is the Hollywood sign. You might be wondering why a sign might be at the forefront of paranormal activity. If you think about it, it’s the one thing that everyone sees. It’s almost like a beacon of hope for those who come to the city of sun looking to make it big. Most of the time that isn’t the case, the hopes soon fade away and disaster follows. Some of those times the sign becomes the last straw, the place where the dreams started and then ended. This is the case for one woman who almost made it famous, Peg Entwistle

Born Millicent Lilian “Peg” Entwistle in 1908 was a British screen actress that appeared in numerous Broadway plays. She did appear in one movie before her death. She ended up committing suicide by jumping off the Hollywood sign and not long after someone found her shoe and a suicide note. The body was found and it was revealed it was Peg Entwistle. Since then numerous people have reported seeing a woman jump from the sign only to have the police find nothing., Could this be the ghost of Peg reliving the day she made that horrible decision?

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