Creepy Ghost Sightings Of Peg Entwistle!

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Ghost Sightings Of Peg Entwistle

The Most Haunted Place In California 

Some say that that most haunted place in California isn't what you would expect it to be, the Hollywood sign. Why would the sign or the location of the sign be the most haunted placed in California? Well if you think about it, the sign resembles fame and fortune to all those who go to California to become famous. When you get Hollywood the first thing that you look for is that sign, it resembles fame for all of those reaching for it. 

Now when you're down and depressed the one thing that you don't want to see is the sign, I know this because I know a few people who have been there looking for the dream. They say that many who have failed looked at the sign as a curse, they hate seeing it because it reminds them of something that they can't achieve or have. Unfortunately some people take this to heart and kill themselves in the process, but why would that make the sign the most haunted location in California?

Some say that ghosts probably are drawn towards the sign because of its iconic status and what it means. But there is one ghost that stands out among the rest, the ghost of Peg Entwistle. She jumped from the sign because she thought she was a failure, little did she know that she was about to be named as the front runner for a major production. 

Now people say that they see her ghost looking confused and lost around the sign, others see a woman jumping from the sign, and law enforcement in the area aren't surprised. They say throughout the years they've received numerous calls of about a woman jumping from the sign. 

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