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The Hook Carrying Killer Cropsey

We’ve all heard scary stories that are similar to this, but that’s just it, those are stories and nothing else. However, this is a story of a different kind, it isn’t made up its an actual real life case involving some pretty gruesome details. 

Scared yet?

This is the case for the urban legend of “Cropsey”, it isn’t one of those stories that comes from rumors and tall tales, it comes from actual facts. It happened in Staten Island, New York, and it’s the story of a man with a hook that went insane. Several children and even adults disappeared never to be seen again, but it wasn’t the hook carrying maniac that did it, it was a psycho of a different kind.

You have to also imagine how many more of these types of cases there are out there. What if some of the killers are still out somewhere hiding in the woods?

Check out the video to learn more… 

Cropsey Urban Legend –

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