The Terrifying Encounter With Something That Isn’t Supposed To Exist

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The Beast of Bray Road

It seems that the state of Wisconsin seems to have something in common with Werewolf’s. They have the most sightings of werewolf like creatures than any other state in the United States. For the last 100 years or so there have been sudden outbursts of sightings of these so called creatures in Wisconsin.

The most profound one being the one that stemmed near the town of Delavan in 1989. A woman hit something while driving home and got out to see what it was. She said she heard what sounded like heavy foot stomps around the car, and when she looked over she saw a massive creature, but it wasn’t bear.

Similar reports came out of the area and all of them happened to be a night. The area of Bray road has become an area of legend and folklore. But to those who actually witnessed this or these creatures it’s neither legend nor folklore.

What could possibly be hiding out in that area?

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The Beast of Bray Road

Source –Destination America – 

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