Could This Horror-Themed Restaurant Is The Most Terrifying On The Planet?

The Worlds Most Terrifying Restaurant

Tokyo, Japan has some of the coolest themed restaurants on the planet. However one place stands out among the rest, the restaurant known for being pretty scary because of Its haunted prison theme. So why is it so scary? Well, the fact that you’re handcuffed prior to walking into the restaurant, then you’re lead down a scary path to a cell where you remain for the duration of your dinner might raise a hair or two.


The crazy part is that there isn’t only 1 Lock Up restaurant but several throughout Tokyo. In fact there’s one where they place you in a dark room and if you find the secret door you’re able to go into the restaurant. On your way to your seat there are gruesome scenes that you would only see in some of the scariest haunted houses.

Once you finally make it to your seat you’re greeted by a scary waiter/waitress that is there to serve you up a ghoulish dish. The food is supposed to be amazing and pretty much out of this world. The price isn’t too bad depending on your budget.  If you’re interested in learning more about the restaurant check out their site here > LOCK UP RESTAURANT

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts

Video source – Ozzy Awesome

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