Bryan Cranstons Creepy “Shining” Themed Commercial Is Spooky Good!

The Pepsi Co. new Mountain Dew brand, is going to put a twist on iconic horror movie “The Shining.” The add will showcase the scene where Jack Nicholson’s character Jack Torrence says “Here’s Johnny.” The original commercial aired during the Super Bowl and it featured actors Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross.

The commercial is for the new zero-sugar beverage that was released by Mountain Dew. The tagline for the drink is: “As Good AS the Original, Maybe Even Better.”  Now the ad is back and this time its a pardoy with the twins from the iconic horror movie.

Stanley Kubrick’s iconic movie recently had some deep fakes which are scenes that are taken from the original movie that went viral. They replace the actors face with other actors, and sometimes it’s almost hard to decipher if it’s real or not.

Check out the new commercial in a video we found via Mountain Dew

Video Source – Mountain Dew

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