Indonesia Locks Quarantine Violators In a Haunted House

There seemed to be a problem with people breaking virus quarantine rules so they went above and beyond to send a message. So lawmakers in Indonesia came up with the idea of quarantining people in abandoned houses known to be “haunted” on the densely populated Java Island.

Stories of ghosts, witches, and other scary entities are common place in Indonesia and not just something you see on television or stories for a camp fire. They take threats like this very serious while some of us would probably LIKE to end up in a haunted place to spend our quarantine time at.

Not many have been caught and put in the haunted residence, but those who been stuck in there haven’t been harmed or gone crazy as of yet. What are your thoughts on this, do you think they did the right thing or should they have done something else?

Check out the video below we found by and let us know your thoughts.

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