The Haunted Home That NO ONE Wanted Even For Free Finally Has a New Owner

The Haunted Louisiana Home

The previous owners of what they called their own version of the “Amityville Horror house” are happy because someone finally took the insanely haunted location of their hands. Talk about insane, you would think people would jump on that opportunity but they weren’t.  The problem is the property is surrounded by stories and legends of some rather creepy stuff.

The 4 bedroom home in Louisiana was built in the early 1930’s and has gained a creepy reputation. One of the houses former residents says the home is haunted by her great grandmother. The ghost has had a reputation for moving things in and around the kitchen, it’s almost like she is still there working in the kitchen.

The investment company in charge of the property initially put pictures up on Facebook for potential buyers to see it an investment. However that all backfired when previous tenants flooded the comment section with all of the ghost stories.

But now it seems as if someone finally wants the house. I don’t think they are too bothered by the stories of ghosts and probably don’t believe in ghosts. I don’t think I would want a house with a history of creepiness like this one. Then again you could buy it and fix it up and open it up to paranormal groups and people looking to get scared. Check out the video below we found by Justkiddingnews and let us know your thoughts.

Would you take the house if you were able to?

Do you believe in ghosts and the paranormal?

Video Source – Justkiddingnews

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