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Quarantined In The Infamously Haunted Conjuring House

Quarantined In The Infamously Haunted Conjuring House post thumbnail image

The Most Haunted House On The Planet

This video is a few of months old when Covid-19 was first hitting the headlines. People were being told to stay inside and away from each other. However a paranormal group decided to take a little trip to one of the most haunted houses on the planet…. The Conjuring House.

It’s the infamous house that the famous paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren faced against an evil like no other. Even though that was a long time ago the house is said to still be haunted. Many have gone into the house and done investigations, however none have done one during a time of great panic and fear.

Quarantine In The Conjuring Home

Imagine having to stay the night let alone weeks on end inside the infamous house. The current owners have said they have been experiencing some rather creepy things and can verify that it is actually haunted. Do you think that during a time of great fear and panic on a global scale, that paranormal locations become more active? Could entities be feeding off the energy we all put out?

Let us know your thoughts and what you think. In the meantime check out the video we found by Central Main Ghost Hunters Official and let us know your thoughts.

Central Maine Ghost Hunters Official

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