Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Jason’s Back From Crystal Lake In New Fan Film ‘Voorhees’ Teaser

Jason’s Back From Crystal Lake In New Fan Film ‘Voorhees’ Teaser

Jason’s Back From Crystal Lake In New Fan Film ‘Voorhees’ Teaser post thumbnail image

Friday The 13th

Before you get all excited, there isn’t a new movie coming to the big screen anytime soon. However indie filmmakers have been doing the best to keep Jason out from the bottom of Crystal Lake. Fans who love the franchise have been turning to make their own Jason move is to keep the horror slasher alive.

There have been  a lot of fan films based on the series and many more coming in the near future. But there’s one that is catching the eyes of fans and super fans alike by the name of ‘Voorhees’. The movie is directed by Cody Faulk, he described the movie as “dark and sadistic vision of the franchise.”

So does that mean we are going to see an even scarier version of Jason in this fan made film? I mean the guy already isn’t the camp counselor friendly type, so to see a DARK version of Jason kind of excites us. The synopsis of the film is a band of criminals ends up in the abandoned campgrounds right under Jason’s nose.

The production needs some help and they are promoting a crowdfunding campaign in order to finish the production. Check out their teaser trailer below and let us know what you think.

If you want to support the project, check it out here > VOORHEES

Check out a couple videos we found of the film by Wet Paint Pictures

Video Source – Wet Paint Pictures

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