The Butcher Of Plainfield – Ed Gein 

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The Butcher Of Plainfield – Ed Gein 

When you think of movies like Psycho, Saw, and other violent horror movies, you probably think that they're just made up. But what if these movies were inspired by true events, something that happened to innocent people who were slaughtered by a vile human incarnation of a demon

This is the case of Ed Gein 

There have been a few movies, documentaries, and even a bunch of inspired horror movies made after this guy. It's said that he only killed a handful of people, but others say that number is extremely off. The really sick part of this guy was that he would go to local graveyards and dig up dead people. He would then make trophies out of their skin and bodies, this could be where the partial idea for Jeepers Creepers also came from, because he dismantled people in a fashion similar to the creature in the movie. 

The mans entire home was a sick twisted version of what he thought was art, the only thing was that it was made out of human remains. Just about everything in his house was made out of things he would take off of corpses, from his tables, to his belt, to his chairs and so on. 

This isn't the case of a movie with a happy ending, this is a true story! 

Here's the documentary of Ed Gein 

SOURCE – Documentary Best 


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