What Would You Do If You Found a Bizarre Bug Like This In Your Car?

Bug In Your Car

We’ve all been in a somewhat similar situation. We’ve gotten into our car and found a bug we didn’t like in there. Usually we freak out a bit and then get it out, but what if the bug was something you’ve never seen before? What if the bug looked like something out of the movie Aliens?

This is what happened to a motorist when he got inside of his vehicle. The mans first thought was that this was some kind of mutant or alien bug. He wants to burn his truck in order to save humanity. I mean if you saw something like this you would probably freak out as well.


It turns out the bug is a Hag moth Caterpillar and they aren’t harmful unless you touch it. Then you’ll find out if you’re allergic to it and its toxins or not. But then again I don’t think I would want to go anywhere near the bug. I would simple let it crawl on a piece of paper and put it out near a tree. However I don’t think everyone would follow the same path, would you?

Check out the video of this bug below by Inside Edition and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – Inside Edition

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