A Creepy Look Inside Houston’s Oldest Bar, Where The Booze Come With Boos

Houston’s Most Haunted Bar

La Carafe is Houston, Texas’s oldest building and many say it’s also the most haunted.  The building became an official Texas landmark way back in 1979. It started out as a bakery, then turned into a trading post, and eventually became a La Carafe in the 1960s.

It’s been a popular destination for tourists and those who are in the paranormal alike. The one thing all its employees can agree on is that it is in fact HAUNTED. When we say haunted, it’s not rumors of something happening, it’s because this place is actually haunted!

There have been stories of numerous things happening. Bartenders have seen bottles and glass fly off the bar and smash on the floor. Others have seen chairs moving and people walking around when there was no one else around.  Some hear ghostly voices and some have been touched by the ghostly patrons that frequent the location.

So could it be that these ghosts are still visiting the places they once visited in the past? Could it be old patrons that used to love the location and still want to visit it in the next life? Who knows, but what is known is that the stories of some rather creepy things keep popping up.

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