A Look At The Insanely Realistic 500lb Winchester Mystery Gingerbread House

Winchester Mystery Gingerbread House

If you’ve never heard of Christine McConnell or about her work you’re in for a treat. McConnell is a baker, artist, seamstress, pin-up girl, and social media icon. Her creations have gone insanely viral and for a good reason. She creates things that most people wouldn’t even dream of creating, or even know where to being. The other thing is how scary accurate her creations are.  When she creates a gingerbread house it isn’t like the ones that you buy from the store. 

Her latest work was on display at the Winchester Mystery House’s Unhinged event that took place last fall. She put together a 500 pound gingerbread replica of the Winchester House. The house was a vision of what it looked like before 3 of its seven stories were destroyed by an earthquake in 1906.


She’s even been featured in the 2016 film Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Her creations are something out of a story book. The time and detail is beyond comprehension and baking isn’t the only thing she does. It’s almost like anything she touches she turns into something magical.

Check out the video we found from her YouTube channel featuring her 2019 Winchester replica house and let us know your thoughts.

You can also see her Facebook fan page here > Christine McConnell

Video Source – Christine McConnell

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