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London’s Most Haunted Pub – The Viaduct Tavern

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The Viaduct Tavern sits in the middle of London, England, and is said to be the last real Gin Palace within the city. It has a very rich and colorful but also a creepy history behind it. The pub itself really hasn’t seen too many crazy things, however, the prison cells below have.

How so?

Throughout the decades there have been NUMEROUS accounts of some very creepy stuff going on down there. There are even parts of the tavern that are said to be beyond creepy. Some won’t go to certain places alone ever again after some of their experiences. Many say it’s because of the old prison that used to stand across the street.

Others say it’s because of the other prison that used to sit on the same grounds as the tavern does. The building was torn down but the jail cells remained below. However whatever entities or negative energy that was there while the prison was in operation haven’t left.

One owner reported hearing It’s just you and me down here while in the basement area where the cells are at. I can honestly say that would be enough for me to never go back down there.

How about you?

Check out the video posts we found of the prison and let us know your thoughts. Interested in checking out this place for yourself? Check it out here > Viaduct Tavern

Video Source – Amys Crypt

Video Source – Buzzfeed Multiplayer

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