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The Haunted Sanitarium

Salamanca, New York’s Wildwood Sanitarium didn’t always start out as a creepy haunted place. It 1906 it opened as a bathhouse and a holistic healing center. The doctor there treated all types of patients except ones with infectious diseases. Years later the location was turned into a tuberculosis treatment center

Over the years there have been a lot of reports of shadow figures, disembodied voices, and creepy paranormal activity. It’s not known how many spirits there are in the location, but what is known is that there is a lot of different activity. Could it be entities or dark energy that could have been attracted to the location?

PSPR Paranormal Pursuit sent us some videos of their investigations of the Wildwood Sanatarium. They set out to see if they can make contact and see who or what is haunting the location.

Video Source – PSPR Paranormal Pursuit

The Haunted Past

Could the spirits of people who visited the location to seek help still be coming back in the afterlife for help? Could others that are lost be looking for help in other ways? These are all questions that paranormal investigators are in search of. In a location as old and as used as this one, it’s hard to say what’s actually haunting it.

Check out the second part of PSPR Paranormal Pursuit’s investigation of the Wildwood Sanitarium and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – PSPR Paranormal Pursuit

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