Lost Star Wars Short movie Black Angel

Black Angel

In 1980 there was a short movie that came out that was tied to the Star Wars franchise because it was shown before the theatrical release of The Empire Strikes Back. It was was dark and disturbing that it's still being talked about until this day. Now the movie is getting a ton of attention and it's said that they're going to create the movie all over again and re-release it. The movie reminds me of something like Lord of the Rings meets an even darker stranger story mixed with the old movie Willow and the other 80's movie Legend that starred Tom Cruise. 

Now if you've never seen Black Angel you're in for a treat. Even though the movie is over 35 years old, it's still really cool and actually pretty disturbing. After all these years the movie still remains in the minds of many and thanks to the reemergence of Star Wars, now Black Angel will probably finally get it's shine in the movies. Check out the original movie below and let us know what you think of it! 



SOURCE – The Screaming Geeks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Fe36V5niHs

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