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Ok, so we sent out an email to our awesome subscribers for stories to be featured on Strange and Creepy.  Many of you sent in your stories and we must say we had some pretty scary ones! Here are 4 stories we picked. Be on the lookout for more coming soon.

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My name is Dominic Gonzales and I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico. This story is about one morning around 5:00 a.m. I was taking my dog out and as we left the door my dog started acting strange. He kept looking up to the side of the yard and I know he couldn’t see anything because I have a fence. He’s a small dog but his hair was standing straight up on its end.

I looked on the other side of the fence but didn’t see anything, but he started to cry so as I turned to take him in. That’s when I saw a lady in black floating in the sky about a block away over an empty field. I went to go toward the river away from this thing and the back of my hair stood up. I ran inside and told  my wife, but she laughed at me and said you look like you just saw a  ghost . My face was all white and the hair on my arms where standing straight up.  Needless to say I told her what I saw and to this day I will not go outside at that time again.   Thanks for listening to my story.

Dominic Gonzales- Albuquerque, New Mexico


My name is Debbie back about 20 years ago I was dating a guy who lived in a haunted apartment.  When I first went over there to hang out we were both in the living room watching television. He had a roommate which we saw occasionally.  While we were watching a show, we heard some noise coming from the kitchen so we knew we were the only ones there, went to see what the noise was and as we walked into the kitchen, all of the cabinets were open. The Cabinet doors were wide open, drawers pulled out it freaked us out to say the least. 

So we closed everything back up and went back to watching our show.  About 30 minutes later we heard the same noise and went to investigate.  Again all the cabinets and drawers were open.  We just closed everything again and looked at each other.  I was so disturbed by this that I went home and he left to go to a friend’s house for the evening.  Later in the evening I was asleep in bed and something grabbed my leg and pulled me half way down my bed.  I was confused like how you are when you first are awaken I thought okay it was a body jerk.  So went back to bed.

 Nothing else happened that night but when I went to get dressed for work I had a perfect hand print bruise on the leg where I was yanked.  Needless to say I didn’t want to go back to his apartment and I no longer had any more episodes.  My boyfriend told me all the weird things that kept happing in his apartment including his cat being attacked while he was sleeping on my boyfriend’s chest.  He said the cat was lifted off of his chest and thrown across the room.  So after this he left with his cat.  The next day when I was visiting him he showed me the hand print bruise on his cats back and the cat was very upset.  Needless to say he moved out. 

While he was moving his things out a neighbor in one of the other apartments asked why he was moving out.  He had known this neighbor for a couple of weeks and then told him weird things kept happening in his apartment.  Then his neighbor started to tell him that the guy that used to live in his apartment before he moved in committed suicide.  I guess this is what was causing all the problems but he never had anyone investigate it.  That was probably the most unusual experience I have ever had.   Thanks for listening

 Debbie Young


7 yrs ago I worked at a store that sold used items that were donations from the public were sold to help the handicapped adults in town. One day someone donated an old hand made glass case that looked to be from the early nineteen hundreds. I love antiques so I bought it, I had a funny feeling about it so I wanted to bless it before I brought it my home.

 My boyfriend came by work and said he would carry it home for me. I forgot to tell him to leave it on the front porch until I could sage it and bless it, but he naturally put it in the house. When he did someone came in the house with it. I started to feel like someone was watching me, then one day my son’s door knob started to jiggle as if someone was trying to open the door, however no one was at home but me.

 After that a friend of my son’s stayed the night and he heard someone whisper his name in his ear. The funny thing was that there was no one around him. Then one morning I was taking a shower and I heard a knock on the bathroom door. My son was waiting for the school bus watching television and I knew it wasn’t him. I had many other odd things happen and needless to say I got rid of the item and everything stopped.

Karen Pu


About 15 years ago while I was in college I used to like to go on night walks on regular basis with friends. We would always walk around looking at the stars and talk about the future and what we we’re going to do once we graduated. One of our friends lived near a local dam in our town, it’s a nice little place surrounded by a pretty big lake and trail and a forest preserve.

The night we went out there was a bright full moon out; it was the kind of night that you wished would never end. The breeze was nice and the sky looked like you could see for miles on end. Anyways we walked a short distance and reached the dam area. It wasn’t more than 2 minutes as we reached the top of the dam area where the water runs off to the lower section when we heard something odd.

We heard rustling around in the rocks and brush down below were the falls were at, then all of the sudden we saw something HUGE fly overhead. The scariest part of it all was the sound of the wings on this thing. It was a loud whoosh sound like when someone straightens out a bed sheet. The creature looked like a dinosaur or a very large bird. The odd thing was that thing wasn’t a crane or anything like that. No crane or large bird that we know of looked nor sounds anything like that.

Even odder was right when it lifted off we heard a loud bang coming from the trees. Someone shot at the thing and we took off running. As we neared the end of the clearing where the dam met the street, we heard a HUGE crash in a tree right across the short part of the lake. It sounded like thunder or like a plane had hit the tree.

We went back the following day and didn’t find any trace of this creature nor any shells or anything like that. We did hear the cops go to the dam after we left, there were about 5 cop cars that were in the area that night from what we could recall. We ended up going to the other side of the lake area where the creature had landed in the tree. The tree looked like it had been hit by lighting. HUGE branches were on the ground but there was no sign of this thing or where it had went.

While we were there an old guy was out walking his dog near the park area by the lake. He said are you guys looking for that thing? We said you saw it, he smiled and said there are things even in this somewhat busy town that can’t be explained.

He asked us what it sounded like when it flew away? We said that it sounded like a crack of thunder! He said you know the old Potowatmi Indians and other tribes talked about the legendary Thunderbird. He smiled again and said I’ll let you guys marinate on that. Then he walked away and as he did he turned back around and said, oh by the way, be careful what you’re looking for because you just might find it!

Jeremy Stefan – Goshen Indiana 

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