There’s a Terrifying Reason People Stay Away From The Infamous “Red House”

The Red House
The Red House

The Red House 

Singapore’s Haunted House 

The name alone sounds rather scary, but Singapore’s infamous Red House is anything but a picnic. For years there’s been stories that the house is beyond haunted because of it’s gruesome and evil past. No one actually knows if the rumors are true or not, but many have said that this was a house of horrors. Some of the stories state that during World War 2 the house was being turned into a nursery but that it was captured by Japanese forces and that all of the occupants were massacred. The teachers and even the children within the house were burned alive and some say that you can still even see the charred imprints of the bodies on the floors and against various walls. Check out the video posts below and let us know your thoughts. 

Video source – barbettezene 


An outside look at the Red House when it was abandonded by VermNova 

Video Source – VermNova 

One Of The Most Haunted Houses On The Planet

There are rumors of a family that once lived there was slaughtered by the father of the house. Supposedly something made him go insane and kill everyone. He then buried all of them under a tree in the backyard. Stories then say that the ghost of the wife came back and got her revenge on him. The house was then abandoned and left vacant. Those who go into the house say they’ve heard evil laughter coming from the walls. Some say they feel as if they’re being watched whenever they’re inside of the house.

Others have claimed to have seen a dark shadow with red eyes watching them. There have even been a few videos taken of the entity moving about in the home. Could the stories be true? Could all of the misfortune have brought an entity to the home? Let us know what you think.


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