Man Claims To Have Spotted The Mythical Kraken On Google Earth

Man Claims To Have Spotted The Mythical Kraken On Google Earth

Mythical Kraken On Google Earth 

Could Sea Monsters Be Real?

Since Google Earth was launched there have been numerous reports and pictures of various odd things people have been finding. Some people find strange things like planes in lakes, and others are finding UFO's, but are the things they're finding actually there? Most of the time they aren't and usually there is some kind of valid explanation for what people are seeing, but this story is a bit different. One man claims he found what he believes to be a "sea monster" of all things on Google Earth. Now when you watch the video you'll notice a few interesting things about the image. It doesn't look like a rock formation of any kind, and the odd disturbance in the water around whatever it is also makes you scratch your head a bit. 

The other odd thing is the fin like thing that's coming out of the water. Some are saying that it's nothing more than a large whale but the guy who found this and others aren't buying it. The size of the disturbance around the creature has lead some to believe that this creature is way larger than any known whale. What do you think this creature or thing coudl possibly be? We think it could actually be some kind of creature but the Kraken of all things?


Check out the video we found by Best For You 

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