man dies during conjuring 2

Man Dies During The Conjuring 2 Then His Body Vanishes

Man Dies During The Conjuring 2 Then His Body Vanishes

Scared To Death! 

Now this has to be one of the oddest stories we've come across in a while, primarily because it's TRUE. When we first heard this story we thought that it was fake, but it turns out that this actually did happen. A 65 old man from India complained of have severe chest pains and had a heart attack during the films climax. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival, now did this guy have previous heart problems or was this brought on by the movie? 

Who knows… 

That's not even the strangest part of the story, it turns out his body was then taken by the driver of the ambulance, but no one knows who the man driving actually was. The body was never recovered and now it's bringing up even more questions about what what really happened here. There have been stories of people saying they were possessed after watching the movie and others have said that ghosts have followed them home. Unlike those stories which are probably false, this one is true and is a bit terrifying if you think about it. 

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