Strange And Creepy Crpytids The Scary But TRUE Story Of The Lone Pine Mountain Devil

The Scary But TRUE Story Of The Lone Pine Mountain Devil

The Scary But TRUE Story Of The Lone Pine Mountain Devil post thumbnail image


For as long as we can remember, there have been stories of cryptids, ghosts, and other creatures. Most of the time the stories sound like something out of a sci fi movie. But with so many eye witness accounts in various places of the world, you have to think there’s some truth behind it. There are a few videos and pictures that will also make you think. We have to come to the stark realization that we aren’t alone in this world. There are a lot of things in the world that we still can’t explain and probably never will. Today’s story is about a winged cryptid type of animal that preys in the Lone Pine area. Check out the video post and let us know your thoughts.



The True Story Of A Winged Cryptid

In the past couple of decades, the Chicago area has seen a huge surge in winged cryptid sightings. On one occasion a man even recorded what looked like a dragon type creature flying over the city. It’s hard to dismiss this kind of stuff, not everyone wants a few minutes of fame.

We also have to wonder about the countless people who have seen it but haven’t said anything. Most people won’t say it because they know others won’t believe it. We know a couple of people who had a run in with a similar type of creature. They said this creature was more like a pterodactyl than anything else. It was at night under a full moon, but they were within about 10 feet of the winged creature. It wasn’t a crane or anything like that either, they said they felt the wind come from it’s wings as it flew away. Have any of you ever had an experience like this before?

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