Now Is Your Chance To “Own” One Of The Most Haunted Houses In The U.S.A.

At first glance you wouldn’t think anything crazy about this house in Mitchell, Indiana that sits a couple of houses down from a church. It looks like your average home in middle of the Mid West. But this isn’t any ordirnary home, it has a pretty intense paranormal history behind it.

Even the name “Whispers Estate” is enough to give you the chills. They say this is the home where the walls talk. Insanely enough it’s supposedly the truth. Imagine being in a home where you hear voices coming through the walls.

Well that’s the case for this late 1800’s Victorian home. Throughout the century that this place has been there. Numerous stories of some pretty creepy things have been popping up. In the early days there numerous deaths and accidents that many say are the reason for the paranormal activity.

It’s been a hotspot for just about every paranormal television show and ghost hunting group. Now the location is for sale for a mere 130 thousand. If you’ve ever wanted to buy a haunted house, this is your chance.

Check out the listing here > “Whispers Estate

Video Source – Journey Indiana

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