If You Hate Clowns You Might Want To Stay Away From This Place

The Clown Hall Of Fame

Baraboo, Wisconsin is known as the circus town and for a good reason. The town is home to not only the International Clown Hall of Fame, but also to the Circus World Museum, and the Ringling Brothers Mansion. 

Originating in 1987, the international Clown Hall of Fame first began in Delevan, Wisconsin. In 1997 the museum was moved to Milwaukee where it had short and unsuccessful run and was almost scrapped entirely until the current curator and former clown Greg DeSanto stepped in. 


The museum isn’t the kind that’s supposed to freak you out, instead pay tribute to the great clowns that have come before and gone. There’s tons of clown gear from big shoes, costumes, portraits, gag gifts and much more.

It’s the kind of place where adults can feel like their children again. They have a lot of cool exhibits and things that you can interact with. It’s one of those places that you won’t forget and you’ll leave with a smile and a red nose.

Need more information on it? Check out their site here > THE INTERNATIONAL CLOWN HALL OF FAME

Check out this video we found by The Carpetbagger and let us know your thoughts on it.

Video Source – The Carpetbagger

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