Strange And Creepy Random The Raven Cafe- The Edgar Allan Poe Inspired Restaurant

The Raven Cafe- The Edgar Allan Poe Inspired Restaurant

The Raven Cafe- The Edgar Allan Poe Inspired Restaurant post thumbnail image

The Raven

If you’re an Edgar Allan Poe fan, Port Huron’s “Raven Café” is a must see.  The amazing place pays tribute to Poe and all his literary masterpieces. It’s almost like walking into an old library/museum of sorts. You can spend a lot of time just looking at things that are on the walls and in different areas of the café.


Bookshelves line walls in the café, and there’s no shortage of other literary works even if you aren’t a big fan of Poe. The café sits in a 2 story building. The Raven features some really cool pieces, amazing chandelier’s, and some crazy woodwork and vintage style movie posters.

Let’s not forget about the endless options of food choices. From deli sandwiches to soups and salads, you can’t really go wrong with the menu.  They also have some great sweets for those of you with a sweet tooth. But what if you’re not hungry and just want to come and hang out? They have a variety of drinks and different beverages for those of you who just want to come in, look around, hangout for a few and then leave.

The atmosphere is awesome and they also have live music and other live events. The Raven is one of those places you’ll want to go back to time and time again. Want to know more about their hours, location, and more? Check out their site here > THE RAVEN CAFÉ

Check out this video we found by Relentless and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – Nordice Normad

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