This Haunted Farm House Will Make You Rethink Living In The Country

Revenant Acres farm haunting

There’s a small farm in the small town of Charlottesville, Indiana that has a creepy history behind it. Not much is actually known about the location and why it’s said to be so haunted. What is known is that the farm dates back to the early 1800’s. What is also known is that some of the paranormal events that have taken place there have even baffled some paranormal experts. The now abandoned 30 acre farm near Charlottesville is the stuff of myths and legends.

The haunted farm house has had a lot of paranormal research go on within its walls. Some of the researchers have said to have been pushed, scratched, and touched. The resident spirits or entities in the house have shown aggression towards people on numerous occasions. Previous owners of the house have said to have felt the presence of a woman. Others have said to have heard evp’s of children and men. It’s not known how many ghosts haunt the house. There’s also a strong poltergeist that said to haunt the house and the surrounding area.

Check out this video of Living Dead Paranormal investigating the farm

Revenant Acres farm haunting

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