The Origins Of This Popular Halloween Pastime May Surprise You

The Origins Of Trick Or Treating

If you love Halloween and always have, your fondest memories probably are surrounded by those of ‘trick or treating. Remember being a kid and going out with your friends or family. Going from door to door collecting as much candy and treats as you could.

After a long night of candy collecting, it was time to head home. The moment you dumped your candy on the floor, looking at it with amazement. Sifting through the piles of candy, weeding out the good from the bad. But did you ever stop to think where it all started?

Why Do We Trick Or Treat?

I bet most of you didn’t really stop to think WHY we did all of that. If you did it was a thought that would go as fast as it came. One thing is for sure we probably didn’t care about it when we were kids. As we grow older we start to wonder about where things came from. Well for those of you who still want to know. check out the video we found by  TODAY I FOUND OUT 

Origin Of Trick Or Treating


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