Strange Sounds No One Can Explain – Sounds Of The Universe Or End Time Events?

Strange Sounds No One Can Explain

Sounds Of The Universe, Or End Time Events?

People all over the world have been hearing strange unexplained sounds. Some believe it’s the sounds of the universe and others say it’s related to end time events. Some of these sound like heavy machinery, the only problem is no one can find the source. Others sound like trumpets which some correlate to end time events. No one really knows what is going on, even the most brilliant minds are confused by them.

In some instances the noises sound similar to harp or a trumpet. The one thing that everyone who has heard them can agree on is that they’re downright terrifying. They’re incredibly loud and sometimes rattle windows and homes. This leads some to believe that it’s coming from within our planet and not off world. This would destroy the theory that it’s the sounds of the universe.

End Of The World 2021?

Every year we have someone that always claims to have proof of the end of world, yet the years keep going and nothing happens. There are some who claim the sounds are prophetic in nature and that this is the year that we will find out what will happen. I don’t honestly believe that, but then again who knows what is and what isn’t real. Checkout the video below and let us know your thoughts, are they the sounds of the universe, end time events, or something else?

Source – Beyond Science –

Sign Of The End Times?

Some believe we are in the end times, and they theorize that these sounds are the sounds of the 4 horseman of apocalypse. They say all of the events happening in the world, the droughts, famine, disease, all of that is tied to the end of the world. Honestly I don’t believe that is the case, could it be something to do with changes in the electromagnetic field? Possibly, but what effect would that have on our planet and way of life? These are all questions we will eventually find out, but for now let’s just hope it’s the sounds of the universe singing to us in this time of need.

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