Strange Sounds No One Can Explain

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Strange Sounds No One Can Explain

Messages From Beyond Or Just Random Noise?

So in the past some odd years there have been a large number of strange and unexplained noises being heard all around the world. Now some of these noises sound like machinery, but the problem is that they’re no explanations for what machinery could be making these.

There are other types of strange noises being heard as well; some say that some of the noises sound rather similar to a harp or an horn of some sort. There are various types of sounds and while some sound rather creepy, others are sound down right annoying at times. The problem with all of these sounds is that NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THEY'RE COMING FROM! 

WHO and WHERE are they coming from?

Some people say that this is the trumpets playing from the 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse but I doubt that’s the case. Could it be some ancient machinery within the earth or some magnetic anomaly that’s causing us to hear these noises?

In recent years there have been a TON of theories and debates about these things, some say it's the end of the world coming soon, but then again how long have these sounds been heard for?

Who knows….

But what is known is that no one actually knows what is causing and what they noises actually are.

Have you or anyone else that you know ever heard these strange sounds before?

Check out the video of these strange noises


Source – Beyond Science –

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