Pig Steals 18 Beers From Campsite, Gets Drunk And Gets Into Fight With Cow!

Imagine being excited on the chance of getting away for the weekend with some friends. You all decide to hit the great out doors and and get away from it all. But when you plan a trip, depending on where you’re going. The last thing you would think is that an animal would ruin the whole trip.

Let alone a PIG of all things!

Usually campers are weary of animals like bears, foxes, coyotes, wolves, and so on. But who in their right mind would think a pig would destroy a weekend of fun?

No one would, not until now at least!

Well that’s exactly what happened on a campground in Port headland, Australia. Apparently the campers forgot to put their beer away, but in reality who would think anything let alone a pig would get into them and drink them all up?

One of the campers overheard some commotion in the middle of the night and saw the pig drinking the last beer. The pig then stumbled his way to the trash to see what he could find and after that it was on to the fight.

WITH A COW!!!!!!

Learn English Via Listening | Beginner Level | Lesson 5 | Going Camping

Learn English Via Listening | Begin...
Learn English Via Listening | Beginner Level | Lesson 5 | Going Camping

After a short brawl the pig ended up going to the edge of a nearby river and passed out from the alcohol. Think you had a crazy weekend? Guess again, I think this pig takes the top prize for a crazy weekend.

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Source – moon-child.net

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